Premium Wine, Premium Quality

Wine is at the heart of Cafe Lounge. We are a luxurious cafe & wine bar, and give our customers premium and high-quality food, wine and cocktails, complimented with cheeseboard, meat, fruits and other glorious food.

We have the freedom to be very selective about the wines we offer to you. Many of the bottles on our list are shipped exclusively and the taste is stunning.

Ready to enjoy? Reserve a table today and come with your friends or family.

Cafe Lounge

Wine Bar

  • Sparkling: Prosecco and Champagne (High-quality & Premium Wine)
  • Rosé Wine (Variety of Wine)
  • White Wine (Variety of Wine)
  • Red Wine (Variety of Wine)
  • Cocktails
  • Bottled Beers & Ciders
  • Soft Drinks
  • Vodka, Brandy, Whisky, Rum, Liqueurs and Gin
  • Bottles or Glasses – All premium and luxurious

Our Evening Menu
Cafe Lounge


  • British Selection (various luxurious cheese)
  • Irish Selection (variety of mouth-watering cheese)
  • French Selection (various luxurious cheese)
  • Spanish Selection (various luxurious cheese)
  • Selected charcuterie & meat (sausage, ham, turkey, salami and many other flavoursome meats)
  • Nibbles (olives, salted nuts and bread)
  • All premium & luxurious, impeccably designed, exquisite tasting cheese, meat and fruits

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Deserves Great Food

We offer a modern take on classic British cooking, using carefully chosen ingredients to create quality dishes which our customers return for everyday.


Experience and Atmosphere

Cafe Lounge positions itself as a luxurious cafe and wine bar. This is reinforced by the modern design, excellent and attentive customer service, as well as, a unique atmosphere.


Wine Releases

We have variety of wines, from all the best brands and countries, giving our customers the choice to taste premium and beautifully tasting wine.


Please ensure all cancellations are made between 24-48 hours in advance, otherwise we are unable to cancel the table, resulting in a charge.



All evening wine bar requires booking to ensure you have a seat and do not miss out. If you wish to make a reservation please click here.


Cafe Lounge’s staff and culinary team are of the highest standard, and offer outstanding & exceptional customer service. No less.