How we started

In 2018, Cafe Lounge opened its first premises in the busy Parades at the heart of Meopham. Located in a beautiful rural setting, Meopham was missing something as extravagant as Cafe Lounge. Upon opening the lounge, it became a huge hit amongst the people of Meopham and beyond. Cafe Lounge offers unique dishes for day-time food. all immersed with the customer service, providing all customers with an unforgettable experience.


Cafe Lounge statement

We boast proudly our attentive and passion for a luxurious service.

Cafe Lounge

Our Timeline



Cafe Lounge opened its store in the Parade in Meopham, offering its customers with unique food.



Wine and Mocktails

Cafe Lounge introduced various extravagant drinks and mocktails that has gone onto become customer favourites!



The Future

In the coming year, Cafe Lounge looks to go from strength to strength offering our customers unique experiences. We are currently working on some exciting new dishes which will be available soon!